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jongleur Search Amateur helps Clubs, Federations, Associations and Game Organizations to contact and find Amateurs near them and we help Amateurs to get stuff on their favorite games such as Rules, Tournaments, Free computer pc game downloads, Free games to play online, Clubs near them, Magazines, Tips and Lessons ...

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» tournaments, show, festival near your home.
» free computer games, magazines
» new free shockwave, java games.
» or any info or good service they think might interest you.
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Search Amateur - Games: website content:

Search Amateur. Com has more than 50 game pages useful for game amateurs. Go directly to your favorite game page to:

» play free online games.
» download free computer games to your pc now: freeware, shareware and demos.
» consult a list of Clubs, Associations and Federations.
» learn the rules: free war game rules, official card game rules, board game rules...
» play free shockwave games, free online war games...
» consult a good list of books or softwares.
» get the news and read/post messages to the corkboard.

Search Amateur - Games has more than 50 game pages such as:

Monopoly: Massive free multiplayer game of monopoly on line. Also more fun playable games.

War boardgame : Play a board game online similar to Risk, Axis and Allies or Diplomacy. Free war game rules.. Playing shock wave, java, flash, javascript, macromedia, play station and interactive games. Free pc games downloadable, free arcade games. Games for mac, xp, windows 95-98-2000-NT, Palm OS and Pocket PC.

Backgammon: Best clubs and associations. Rules. Play multiuser backgammon on line. Free pc download games.

Bowling: Top ten games software to play a free online game of bowling! Free game downloads to play offline.

Scrabble: Tournaments near your home. Internet multiple players online. Scrabble free pc game downloads. Online scrabble dictionary. Many fun word arcade games, hints and tips to improve your skill. Downloadable dictionaries.

and more...

Abalone, Aquarium, Arcade, Arkanoid-BreakOut, Archery, Astronomy, Awele, Axis and allies, Babyfoot (foosball), Backgammon, Battleship, Beer and Wine, Belote, Billiard, Bingo, Blackjack, Boomerang, (bumerang), Boules (petanque), Bowling, Bridge, Bubble puzzles, Buracco, Canasta, Carrom, Checkers, Ches, Cribage, Christmas games, Cricket, Croquet, Crossword, Dart games, Dice games, Diplomacy, Dog racing, Domino games (Dominoes), Dongeons and dragons, Fishing (Bass, fly fishing), Go, Halloween, Hex, Helicopters (helicopter games), Horses racing, Horseshoe pitching, Jai-Alai, Jigsaw puzzles, Kites, Lottery, Magic the gathering, Mahjong, Mancala, Minesweeper, Mini-golf, Mini-putt, Monopoly, MP3, Othello, Pacman, Paintball, Palm Pilot Software, Photography, Pinball, Pinochle, Pocket PC Games, Playing cards collectors, Poker, Pool, Puzzles, Queen of spades, Reversi, Risk, Robots, Role playing games (rpg), Rummy (Rummi),  Scrabble , Shogi, Skat, Slot Machines, Smartphone [Kyocera 7135], Snooker, Sokoban,  Solitaire Card gamesSpades, Spy Stuff - computer spying and spy gadgets, Stratego, Submarines [remote control submarine], Table hockey, Table soccer, Tanks, Tarot reading, Tarot, Tetris, Tri-ominos, Trivial pursuit, Tropical Fish, Video games, Beach Volleyball , Xiangqi, Yahtzee, Play free online games

Some of most popular games you can play online or to download for free:

Gamehouse games: Super Text Twist game, Super colapse, Super Collapse 2, Bounce Out, Gem Drop and more free arcades.
Live Billiards 3d pool, Quick Snooker (Quicksnooker), Diamond Mine Deluxe, Spider Solitaire, Arcade lines, Tile Rummi, Mission Risk boardgame, NingPo Mahjongg, Bridge Baron, Monopoly Tycoon, Pet fish aquarium, Shanghai Mah-Jong., Aqua Real

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