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Yahoo! Singapore Games

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Tile Games
Dominoes (2004)
MahJong Solitaire - SP 
MahJong (324)
Card Games
Blackjack (413)
Bridge (538)
Canasta (1438)
Cribbage (516)
Euchre (2005)
Fish (113)
Freecell - SP
Gin Rummy (660)
Hearts (886)
Pinochle (857)
Poker (233)
Spades (2679)
Klondike Solitaire - SP
Board Games
Backgammon (1245)
Checkers (757)
Chess (3736)
Reversi (202)
Go (466)
Dice Slider
Word Games
Anagram - SP
Crossword - SP
Word Racer (403) 
Cryptogram - SP
Wordsearch - SP
Literati (2125) 
Arcade Games
Maze - SP
JT's Blocks (1732) 
Naval Command  (134) 
Yahoo! Towers (284)
Pool  (134) 

Mobile Games?new
Games  Play cool Java Games while you're on the go!

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