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iMesh is a virtual online peer-to-peer community where members can search for and download digital media and other files from other members' PCs, and upload and share such files from their own PCs. Almost any type of file is suitable for sharing: audio, video, games, software, documents: any recognized file format can be shared.

To Install iMesh:

Download free iMesh version here and save it on your computer.

Once the file is downloaded, run the saved file by clicking on it and installation wizard will guide you through the process.

Now, you have iMesh installed in English. To install another language support for iMesh, do the following:

Make sure that iMesh is completely shut off. If you still see the iMesh icon in the System Tray (desktop bottom right corner)', right click on the icon and press "Exit".

Download an appropriate language installation file.

Run the saved file by clicking on it and follow the installation wizard instructions.

Run iMesh, go to the Main Menu > Languages and choose your language.

Download Free iMesh  

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