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On this page I will describe iMesh.

iMesh was the first to introduce its free file-sharing software in 1999 and has been leading the peer-to-peer revolution ever since.

iMesh's technology creates a peer-to-peer network with no central servers. This network is made up of all registered iMesh members. Every iMesh member can search for and download files from the computers of all other iMesh members. Users can search for any type of file - music, videos, games, software, documents - all within the legal and copyright limitations.

With iMesh technology, downloads are fast and reliable - well-known file sharing problems such as broken links, busy FTP sites and slow data transfer are now a thing of the past.

iMesh is committed to maintaining its leading position as peer-to-peer pioneer by continuously developing new features, upgrades and improvements. Our members are the heart of the iMesh community, and we remain receptive to their ideas and recommendations, making every effort to incorporate them into the product.

Copyright issues are of great concern to iMesh. In an effort to create and promote a legal file sharing Internet environment, we are entering into distribution agreements with copyright holders.

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July 24, 2003
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July 16, 2003
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July 9, 2003
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June, 2003
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