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Download & Buy KaZaA Plus - For ONLY US$29.95 !
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Kazaa Media Desktop is the World's Number 1 peer-to-peer application. Kazaa Plus, an ad free version of Kazaa Media Desktop, is now available offering more powerful searching, additional exclusive features only available with the official Kazaa Plus and 24 hour Customer Support.

Features new to Kazaa Plus  No Ads - no banners or pop ups

You can now 'Search More' up to 15 times depending on your Participation Level. Fifteen 'Search Mores' allow you access to up to 3,000 results per search.
New Search Agent functionality allows "scheduled" searches over 24 hours.
Downloads from multiple sources from 8 to 40 sources resulting in faster automatic downloads.
Customize your homepage within Kazaa Plus 'Web' view.
You can adjust scan frequency for My Kazaa allowing you to control how often your shared files are scanned.
Limit uploads according to other users Participation Level so only users with a certain Participation Level can download your shared files.
Access to 24 Hour Customer Support by email.
5 new Kazaa Plus skins.

Existing Features - Upgrades to current features

Multiple search results tabs allow you to conduct multiple searches in new windows simultaneously.
'Search' view allows both Quick and Advanced searches. Use Advanced Search to obtain more accurate results in less time.
Kazaa Plus includes Search and Browse Channels which are websites specially designed to give you direct access to downloads and information.
Peer Points Rewards Program allows you to collect Altnet Peer Points by sharing Gold Icon Files. Altnet Peer Points are redeemable for sponsored downloads and chances to win some great prizes.
Improved built-in virus protection - BullGuard P2P software is specially designed to quarantine and delete dangerous files from other P2P users. You can now set how often you want the BullGuard anti-virus program to scan the your shared folders for viruses and how often it will check for new definition updates (lists of known viruses).

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Internet Explorer 5 or above
Windows Media Player 6.4 or later.

Kazaa Media Desktop v2.5.2 is still free

Kazaa Media Desktop v.2.5.2 which is supported by advertising, is also available for download.
For more information click here.

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