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What's New in v2.5.1?
  Improved Privacy Protection
Kazaa v2.5 Features include:

Up to 1,000 Results Per Search
New Search & Browse Channels
Collect Peer Points and be Rewarded for Sharing

Download - KaZaA v2.5.1 - Now

Kazaa v2.5.1 is provided free thanks to advertising software included in the installation.

New Feature: Customizable skins!

  • Tye-Dye
  • Butterfly
  • Love & Dating by

  • Rubber Cakeshop
  • Toasted Sherbert Skins


Kazaa v2.5.1

This latest version of Kazaa Media Desktop (KMD) has everything for the best peer-to-peer experience including:

  • Improved Privacy Protection:
    Kazaa v2.5.1 gives you more options to protect your privacy.
  • Search for audio/music, documents, image, playlist, software and video files.
  • Search for premium content.
  • Share your own files.
  • Arrange and organize your files.
  • View/play your audio/music, image, and video files.
  • Setup and manage playlists.
  • Monitor download and upload traffic.

Kazaa v2.5 Features

Search Features:
  • Multiple search results tabs:
    Each search you perform is displayed in a new window. This means that your search results wont be overwritten by each new search you perform. You can switch between the search result windows by clicking on the tabs at the top of the current search results window. Once you are finished with the results of a search, just click 'X' on the search tab to close it.
  • Up to 5 'Search More's:
    You can now Search More up to 5 times depending on your Participation Level. Read more about Participation Level. Five Search Mores allow you access to up to 1,000 results per search. Each Search More displays up to an additional 200 search results.
  • Search interface has clearer Quick and Advanced search tabs:
    Search view allows both quick and advanced searches. Use the advanced search to obtain more accurate results in less time.
Other New and Improved Features:
  • Channels:
    Kazaa v2.5 includes Search and Browse Channels. Channels are websites specially designed for viewing within Kazaa v2.5, giving you direct access to downloads and information.
  • Peer Points Manager provided by Altnet: Collect Altnet Peer Points by sharing Gold Icon Files. Altnet Points are redeemable for sponsored downloads and chances to win prizes. Read more.
  • Web browsing:
    Kazaa v2.5 includes a built-in web browser with address bar so you can surf the Internet. Your Internet Explorer favorites will also appear in the 'Favorites' menu at the top of the Kazaa screen.
  • New Kazaa 2.5 skin:
    Orbital Shadows.
  • New Playlists
Better Security:
  • Improved built-in virus protection: BullGuard P2P software is specially designed to quarantine and delete dangerous files from other P2P users. You can now set how often you want the BullGuard anti-virus program to scan the your shared folders for viruses and how often it will check for new definition updates (lists of known viruses). Read more.
Improved Usability:
  • The option to 'Clear P2P Search History' has moved from Search box to 'Tools' menu. You will also find the 'Clear Web History' option here.
  • New, user friendly Installer.
  • Easier configuration of files shared on your PC.
  • Improved verification and warning messages.
  • Helpful User Tips and Premium Content downloads displayed in new scrolling space in Search view, utilizing the unused space before search results appear.

Existing Features

  • Downloading from Multiple Sources
    Faster downloads as files can be simultaneously downloaded from multiple sources.
  • Web search
    Use the Kazaa Media Desktop interface to search the web.
  • Shared playlists
    Create unique shared playlists and search for other KMD users playlists.
  • Media Player image handling
    View images and play audio and video files within the built-in Media Player in Theater view.
  • Unlimited bitrates
    Higher quality files possible with increased bitrates.
  • Integrity Rating
    Files labeled by peers according to technical quality and completeness of file data (metadata) to enhance reliability.
  • Participation Level
    Frequent Kazaa Media Desktop users and those who frequently rate files rewarded with higher priority in download queues.
  • Integrated virus protection
    Shared folders can be automatically scanned on startup and after each download.
  • Expanded Help section
    Quicker orientation for new users. New tips and tricks for savvy users.
  • Customizable skins
    Customize the basic desktop interface and create your own skin with our guide.

Click To Download KaZaA Media Desktop v2.5.1 Below:

Download - KaZaA v2.5.1 - Now

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